Want a car, but have bad credit? No worries!

Unfortunately, the Uber Exchange program has been discontinued, see if the Lyft Express option could be right for you.

Uber has grown exponentially in popularity and is now looking for as many drivers as possible. But the thing is, many of these potential drivers that want to work, have pretty bad credit and are in need of an actual car to drive. Why not buy a car or get a lease? You may ask, well the reason being is quite simple. The man in charge of the program, Andrew Chapin, says “Many Americans don’t have enough cash on hand to buy a car. Many others could be denied leases or charged high rates due to their credit quality”, there are many people who want to drive but have bad credit. In consequence, they unfortunately are unable to get a lease. But thankfully, Chapin has put this worry aside and has created the Uber Xchange program. Uber Xchange is a leasing program that can get you a high-quality car for very cheap.

A few things that can benefit you and your wallet with the Uber Xchange program are unlimited miles, and frequent basic car maintenance at no cost to you! To apply, you simply have to log into your Uber account(if you are not currently driving for Uber, sign up and create an account) and sign in directly at partners.uber.com

Kinds of cars Xchange offers

Xchange is a very safe and easy way to get a high-quality car even if you have bad credit. Chapin states that “Xchange provides access to high-quality cars with no restrictions on mileage (unlike most leases) and the ability to break the lease early with minimal fees”.

This makes Xchange unique in comparison to many leasing companies, as according to an Uber spokesman, “the program isn’t meant to generate a profit, but to get more drivers in cars.”. This means that they are dedicated to helping you and aren’t focused on making a profit. The kind of cars that Uber offers are listed on the official website and has a pdf showing the full list. Vehicles requirements for Xchange Leasing program: 2009 or newer No salvage title 4 full-sized doors Minimum of 5 seat belts (driver and 4 passengers)

Where is this available?

Uber Xchange is currently available in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Washington D.C., Greater MD, Houston, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, Orange County, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, and Tampa Bay.

Unfortunately, Uber is still a growing company and has limited locations available, but if you do live in one of these cities, you are definitely in luck because you do not want to pass up an offer like this.

Do you qualify?

The leasing program is extremely flexible and affordable in comparison to many leasing companies. According to the official Uber website ” All credit levels are eligible to apply, even if you have poor credit or no credit history.”, this is great news for you because that means if you are just starting out in the credit world, or are simply in need of a second chance, you can get the car you want and need with ease. A requirement everyone needs is car insurance. Wondering how much that will cost? Well since insurance varies from person to person, it is easiest to get a quote from an insurance specialist. In the end, you most likely do qualify due to the fact that Uber Xchange has made it incredibly easy to get a lease, virtually anybody could get a car if they really wanted to.

After you’re approved, what next?

Once you have applied and been accepted for your lease, Uber will contact you through your phone or email. They will send you a list of participating Xchange Leasing showrooms or dealerships in your area where you will schedule an appointment. At your appointment, you are expected to bring…

  • A valid driver’s license
  • Your security deposit (cashier’s check, money order, or debit card)
  • Your bank account information, including routing and account numbers
  • One proof of residency document, like a utility bill, bank statement, or mortgage/lease agreement
  • A smartphone with the Uber Driver app downloaded

Once you actually get your lease, you will be charged a weekly fee from your Uber profits, and in the big picture, it isn’t a lot. Also, if you are especially busy for a few weeks or so with your outside life, no worries! You will simply pay over the phone or through email. UberXchange is a simple and fast way to get a car for cheap, even if you have bad credit. So what are you waiting for? Start driving!


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