These Are the 25 Highest-Paying Side Hustles

Tech start-ups like Uber and TaskRabbit seem to always get credit for popularizing the “side hustle.” In fact, there are plenty of ways to make money without taking a full-time job — and many of them pay a lot better than what you can earn through an app.

Always on the lookout for ways readers can grab a little extra cash, MONEY asked PayScale, a compensation software and data company, for the highest-paid part-time jobs — ones you do when you only want to work a handful of hours a week. The most-lucrative among these ultra-part-time gigs: DJing, with median pay of $65.70 an hour, followed by musician or singer at $43.40 per hour hour, and photographer at $36.20 per hour, according to PayScale.

PayScale analyzed jobs by type of occupation, without considering whether workers got paid through any particular marketplace or app. But Uber drivers would fall in the middle of the pack, based on a previous study that found drivers averaged $15.68 per hour — although that was before factoring in expenses like gas, maintenance, and depreciation.

TaskRabbit, a popular website for finding one-off handy-man jobs like hanging shelves and fixing leaky faucets, nets workers a wide range of payouts, typically between $8 to $40 an hour, depending on if the worker is an unskilled “tasker” or a contractor who can handle more complicated projects, according to self-reported data on salary Web site Glassdoor.

And while it will take time to hone your DJing skills, most of the gigs PayScale found don’t require a degree or advanced training.

“Many of these jobs have certification systems available, but most just require specialized knowledge or talent,” says Chris Martin, PayScale’s lead data analyst, noting that bus driver, substitute teacher, and phlebotomist require the most training or some sort of certification.

To compile the list, PayScale analyzed 32,177 profiles of workers who self-reported working less than 10 hours per week. (While some jobs require certificates, none require degrees). The side gigs are ranked by median hourly earnings, and the median number of hours worked per week is included.


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