8 Companies That Don’t Require a Degree Hiring for Flexible Jobs

Earn a degree, get a job. That’s the widely accepted order for starting a career. But a college degree isn’t necessarily a must-have for finding a great flexible job.That’s evident in the growing number of companies that don’t require a degree for people looking for professional work.

A recent list by Glassdoor, a leading career and recruiting site, ranks some great employers that no longer require a degree. The companies below are listed in their order on Glassdoor’s list, which evaluated employers based on the degree to which they offered well-paying jobs that require either non-traditional education or just a high school degree.

The complete Glassdoor list consisted of 15 employers—eight of which are also in the FlexJobs database of great flexible companies and are currently hiring. Although some of the sample jobs listed below may require a college degree, the employers on the list have offered a range of jobs where a degree isn’t necessary.

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Here are eight flexible companies that don’t require a degree:

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1. Google

One of the most well-known technology companies in the world, Google offers a wide variety of jobs, many of which require what the company calls “equivalent practical experience” in lieu of a college degree.

Recent flexible jobs at Google: Field Sales Representative

2. Ernst & Young

The United Kingdom division of Ernst & Young, also known as EY, ranked high on Glassdoor’s list. While many jobs at EY require bachelor’s degrees or higher, the global financial services company offers other flexible positions where a degree isn’t needed to qualify.

Recent flexible jobs at Ernst & Young: Advisory Senior – Risk

3. Penguin Random House

The publishing powerhouse Penguin Random House has offered flexible jobs where “equivalent work experience” is accepted in place of a four-year college degree.

Recent flexible jobs at Penguin Random House: Content Collection Systems and Support SpecialistCommunity Development Manager

4. Hilton

Hilton, the global hotel management and hospitality company, has more than 5,000 properties worldwide, and has offered flexible opportunities that require only a high school diploma.

Recent flexible jobs at Hilton: Senior Program Manager; Senior Manager, Local Market Support; Director, Full Service Brands

5. Apple

Apple, the innovative technology powerhouse, offers jobs for both entry-level and experienced workers that require facility with technology, good communications skills, and the ability to focus on details—but no college degree.

Recent flexible jobs at Apple: Reseller Specialist; At-Home Advisor; Payroll Analyst

6. Nordstrom

Widely known in the higher-end retail segment, Nordstrom has more than 400 stores across the U.S. and Canada, and has offered flexible store-based and administrative jobs in the past.

Recent flexible jobs at Nordstrom: Senior Learning Specialist

7. IBM

The award-winning global consulting and technology company hires for flexible positions where qualifications may include technical experience or special certification, but not necessarily a college degree.

Recent flexible jobs at IBM: Assignment Editor Freelance

8. Lowe’s

With more than 1,700 locations nationwide, the home improvement chain has offered a variety of jobs that don’t require a degree, working both in its stores and remotely.

Recent flexible jobs at Lowe’s: Claims Examiner; Field Regional Talent Acquisition Manager

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