7 Best Work From Home Tips For 2018

Are you thinking about working from home? Maybe you already work from home, but you’re still trying to figure the whole thing out. Work from home definitely has its advantages, it’s not so easy-peasy as some people might think. You can easily lose the balance between your work and private life, and we all need some balance in our lives. Without it, all other things can easily fall apart. Some people just don’t have enough self-discipline to have a successful ‘work from home’ career. However, there are certain things that can help you to stay on the right track.

1. Start your day right

Sleeping until 1PM probably isn’t the best way of starting your day right. Get up at a reasonable hour and get some breakfast. Drink a cup of coffee if that’s what you need to start your engines. Your whole day is influenced by the way you decide to start it.

2. Make a schedule and stick to it

This means that you need to organize everything. Set your working time and don’t let anything interfere with that. If you decided on starting your work at 9AM, start your workday at 9AM. No matter how sleepy you might be, don’t postpone it. You are your own boss now and you need to act like one. You are a boss and employee at one, so you can’t have a soft spot for your employee. If you do, it’s likely that everything will fall apart quickly.

3. Have a specific workplace

Pick a part of your apartment (or house) that you will turn into a mini-office. Always have an office space that will be specifically for work and nothing else. If you work from your couch one day, and then from the kitchen counter the other- your entire home will feel like an office and it can’t be a good feeling. The main problem when you are working from home is maintaining clear boundaries. These boundaries include physical aspects, such as having an office space at your place. That way, when you sit at that desk you will know it’s time to do some work. It’s a crucial thing.

4. Don’t let yourself be distracted

Get in the zone and don’t let anything distract you. This is why it is important to have an office space. If you’re not living alone, the distractions will be more common. Especially if you have a pet, you can’t explain to them that now is work time and you can’t play with them or scratch their belly wherever they want to. You need to isolate yourself and be determined to do the work you’re supposed to do for the day. Everything else can wait.

5. Take a break

Being serious about working hard when you are on your own is important, but so is knowing when to stop. Don’t forget to take a break every now and then. Don’t see them as a waste of time because you will be much more efficient after a break. Go outside, breathe in some fresh air, stretch your legs. It may seem like it isn’t that much, but it really makes the difference. If you are feeling tired or washed out, it’s a clear sign that you need that break.

6. Reward yourself for good work

It’s not like you can be an employee of the month when you’re the only employee, but you need to give yourself credit for good work that you do. Like already mentioned, you’re both the boss and the employee, so you need to play both parts equally successful. Rewarding yourself for good work will keep your motivation high. The hard part about working from home is that you need to find motivation on your own, where working in the office in work atmosphere already gives you a certain drive to work.

7. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out

Some people just aren’t born to work from home, and that’s okay. As already said, it can be a great thing, but it’s a double-edged sword. Of course, it will be hard at times, it’s important not to know when you are just going through a rough patch and when it’s just not working out for you. Everyone is different and you should do what works for you. But if you do decide to give up, make sure you did your very best.

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