4 killer career moves that will save your finances

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Some of us are able to, yet are still broke because we don’t know how to handle money properly. Regardless, a successful career doesn’t guarantee success. After all, it depends on the definition of “success.”

Money-wise, this is a massive problem because we need enough money to survive and a job is a primary source. If it isn’t pulling its weight, it may be time to make a change. In fact, sometimes it’s good to make multiple adjustments. Here are a few things to consider straight off the bat.

Jump Ship

Sorry, but loyalty doesn’t come into the equation when funds are tight. It’s commendable and a moral worth treasuring. Still, when it comes to pissing off an employer and making a ton of cash, it has to be the former every day of the week. Remember that businesses like to play the victim even though they have underpaid for years. Anyway, if the company valued your services, it would try and keep it regardless of the cost. A couple of bucks extra a month isn’t a big deal to a big or medium-sized firm. Change is unpredictable, yet it may be the best financial move you ever make.

Tell A Lie

No one said you were a saint, and that is a good thing. Often in offices, the term “playing the game” is tossed around. For the most part, it applies to how colleagues interact with one another to further their careers. What you should do is flip this phrase on its head and direct it to the management. Go to the office and inform them that a rival has offered them a role and it pays better/has benefits. Sure, it’s a lie, but this trick is often what employers need to react. Once they see you’re serious, they will make a counteroffer.

Ultimately, you know your boss better than I do. Use your judgment. We don’t want you losing your job over something like this. It’s always best for YOU to make the call. After all, you’re the one who has to live with the outcome.

Press Charges

Out of all of these tips, this is the “shadiest” of the lot. Suing is a tricky process because you don’t want to harm the company. Still, they have done something wrong and are liable. And, the compensation you receive may lay the foundations for a better financial plan for the future. The Law Office of William W. Hurst, LLC can put it into perspective if you are curious. The thing to remember is that you shouldn’t pay for someone else’s negligence. When you look at it from this point of view, the stigma begins to fade away and it stops clouding your judgment.

Change Course

The role you have now may be the position you imagined, but we don’t always end up on this path. In fact, plenty of people go down a different route and profit as a result. The reason is simple – the opportunities are golden. Think about the current state of the industry and how it will change in the future. Anyone who is worried can consider pivoting to a position which is new and exciting and has excellent job prospects. Where there’s a will, there’s an online college.

How is your career impacting your finances? Is it positively or negatively?

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